Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lament for the Loss of the Amazing, Unexpected Find

I enjoy the Internet as much as anyone else does. However, I feel the world wide web robs humanity of the magic of the unexpected find.

"I'd like a rare, vintage thing-a-migger," you might say.

Type THING-A-MIG… into Google and before you even complete the word, thousands of URL's will appear where you may purchase a rare, vintage thing-a-migger.

That's too easy. It robs people of the surprise of the amazing find.

Yes, I agree it's also awfully damned convenient, but it's missing the magic of walking into a physical place - be it a yard sale, antique market, bookstore - looking for nothing in particular but finding the MOST AMAZING, RARE VINTAGE THING-A-MIGGER EVER! Does the proprietor understand what he/she is selling?

That is a magical experience.

Recently, Jacob, my youngest son, and I were shopping a used bookstore. He wanted to stop, I really didn't, but no ever wasted time inside a bookstore. They are always an adventure.

I browsed the SF&F and mystery sections as it my wont, with an occasional diversion to the history aisle. I had seen nothing that interested me, but knew Jake would have an armful (I've always bought him books with little concern as to cost). When he approached me, however, he held nothing but a thin, rather tattered comic book.

To understand this tale, we now need to detour into backstory (yep, that evil vice of writers). I grew up reading Stephen King. Loved his work as a youngin' (not so much as an oldin').

I also grew up reading Creepy and Eerie magazines. I still own every copy I ever bought, and anyone who knows me knows that's an oddity. I do not keep books. I read them once and then sell/donate/gift them to others.

I always wanted a voodoo
doll like the kid in the movie. 

Because of my fondness for King and Creepy and Eerie it's only natural my favorite movie based on King's work is Creepshow.

(Backstory over). The thin, rather tattered comic book was a copy of the magazine used in the movie to tie together the different stories. I had never seen one before. I didn't even know one had been published. Talk about an unexpected thing-a-migger. My first response?
"$15.95. That's kinda expensive."

Jacob shrugged. "I'll put it back. It's the only one they have."

I shrugged. "I have a 15% off coupon. I guess I'll get it."

It wasn't until I got home and looked the magazine up online that I realized just how rare and vintage a thing-a-migger it was. Editions in worse shape than the one I'd bought were selling between $90 and $145.

It wasn't until I mentioned it to the other geeks at my writers' workshop that I really realized just how rare and vintage a thing-a-migger it was.

"I'll give ya $150 for it."


"You can't find those anywhere."

Yes, you can. Just Google CREEPSH…

But mine is more special.

1) Because Jacob found it, and he knew I'd like it because he's a geek like me.

2) It was the magic of the unexpected find.

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