Saturday, September 21, 2013

A Private Man Goes Public, or Hey Look! I Know How to Download the Pictures from my Phone

Lucas in his high school graduation
gown. I knew the kid would graduate
(he's too determine not to) but I wasn't
confident he'd walk the stage to get his
diploma (he said it was a waste of time).
I'm glad he did. He earned that degree.
I am a private person. I rarely share information or photographs of my family. However, as I was sorting through the pictures on my phone* recently, I decided a few were worth sharing.
Me and my sons. Jacob (in the red coat)
and I went to hear Lucas (Mr. Shades)
play with the Zak Brown Band in Dallas.
It was fun, but I'm glad Lucas warned me
to wear ear plugs. Otherwise, I might still
be deaf several months later.
Lucas and Jacob kidding around before
Lucas' high school graduation. I find this
picture humorous, because when they were
younger, Lucas was bigger/stronger than
Jacob and used to bully him a bit. No longer.
Jacob got bigger/stronger and can hold his
own now. I'm glad the tables turned.

During the concert, Jacob met Zak
Brown. I didn't (I think I had gone
to get the car. Always my luck.)
In his travels, Lucas gets to meet lots of famous
people. Here, he's with Willie Robertson from
Duck Dynasty fame (I enjoy their TV show).
Jacob holding his first paycheck
from his first job. Yes, I encouraged
(he says forced) him to get a summer
job. The way he complained you
would think I had indentured him
for life. Of course, he loved the
money and missed the job when
the summer ended.



These two might as well be my children. Leo (gray) and I
tolerate each other (he only 'likes' me when it's feeding time,
but I know his leg rubbings are fake). Levi (black) is my
best buddy. I got him from my sister (Leo, too), and Levi
was very sick. Snotty nose, crusty eyes (cost me over $1000
to keep him from going blind), and he still has health issues
today. However, he genuinely loves me, whereas Leo wishes
I'd fall off the planet (as long as someone continued to feed him)

I know these pictures aren't in a logical order. Blogspot gave me so many problems trying to move the images I finally gave up and let them post where they would. Thanks for looking.
* Being able to take photographs with a phone. How science fictiony, all Space 1999, does that sound? Especially considering we've only had these things a few decades and they used to only make phone calls (which everyone thought was miraculous!)  

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