Monday, September 30, 2013

The Odd Couple: Father & Son Style

My youngest, Jacob, and I have different definitions of the word 'clean'.
I believe:
  • Dishes should be done nightly.
  • Vacuuming every two weeks.
  • Clothes washed, folded and put away weekly.
  • Bathrooms scrubbed regularly (I am a bit lax here).
  • Basically, the public areas of your home should be presentable enough that company could drop by unannounced. (My writing area remains a constant mess, but that works for me).
Jacob believes:
  • Dishwashers should include arms to load themselves.
  • Vacuuming - what's that?
  • Washed and folded clothes (dear ole Dad does that part, of course) are just fine stacked on his bedroom floor.
  • Scrub a bathroom? Why?
  • Company should never drop by unannounced. (His artist area is an even bigger mess.)
From Zits, one of my favorite comic strips (who hopefully won't get mad
I copied this from their website - I have a good reason, really I do, but I don't
have a lawyer. Please, no cease and desist letters. No one reads my blog anyway).
As part of our never ending battle, when I saw this Zits cartoon, I decided to play a joke on Jacob. I carefully cut out the cartoon and taped it to his bedroom door. I expected shouts of rage that I had dared to post propaganda on his sanctuary.

Nary a word.

When I asked him, Jacob said he loved the cartoon and intended to leave it posted to his bedroom door. He said it summarized his philosophy on cleanliness.

So much for dear ole Dad psyching him out. All I accomplished was enabling his eventual appearance on Hoarders.

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