Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 Writers' Conferences Around Texas

My annual list of writers' conferences and other writerly events in and around Texas for 2014. These are provided as a public service only. I am not promoting any of them.

Feb 21 - 23                         ConDFW
March 29 - 30                    North Texas Two Step Writers' Conference

April 11 - 13                       Houston Writers Guild Annual Agents & Editors Conference

April 23 - 24                       NETWO's Writers' Roundup Conference

May 2 - 4                            OWFI Conference
May 3 - 4                            DFW Writers' Conference
June 6 - 7                           Arkansas Writers' Conference
June 9 - 13                         West Texas Writers' Academy 
June 27 - 29                      Writers' League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference

June 27 - 29                      ApolloCon
July 11 - 13                       LexiCon Writers Conference
July 13 - 20                      Taos Summer Writers' Conference

July 25 - 27                      ArmadilloCon

Sept 26 - 28                     FenCon 

Sept 27 - 28                     SCWBI Regional Conference 

How did I compile this list? Google.

Did I miss some events? Probably, but not intentionally.

What were my criteria? The webpage had to mention 2014 dates, even if details were limited. For example, FenCon (an event I attend regularly) did not have 2014 information available when I compiled this list, so they are missing. FenCon now has information available, so I edited the post to add them, as well as a few others I forgot.

Have I personally attended all of these events? Nope.

Have I attended some of them? Yep. I went to ConDFW and the Writers' League conference once. I've gone to the DFW Writers' Conference four times and plan to attend this year (honesty-in-blogging: I'm a member of the DFW Writers' Workshop); and I've attended FenCon five times.

The most ubiquitous icon of writers' conferences are laptops.
Every class and the hallways are full of them. When I saw
this photograph, I giggled imagining writers in the past
lugging their heavy manual typewriters to conferences.
Silly, I know, but a fun idea nonetheless.    

Are all of these conferences? Nope. I included West Texas A&M because I've heard it's money well spent; ConDFW and FenCon because they are so much fun.

Did Blogger give me fits formatting? Yes, I swear whatever software they use hates me.

If you plan to attend these, or any other writer's conferences/classes/events in 2014 tell me about them.

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