Saturday, December 7, 2013

Did Mankind Evolve from Pigs/Monkeys?

There's a new theory that humanity resulted from a male pig and a female chimpanzee having sexual intercourse. (I was oh-so-tempted to offer a long list of nasty euphemisms, or crude jokes, but restrained myself.)

I know this image is a little horrific, but it was the best
I found that visually summarized the pig/monkey theory.
You can read it for yourself here, and here, and here. I'm offering different versions of the same story, because if you're like me you're flabbergasted by the notion that we've possibly BEEN EATING OUR RELATIVES FOR CENTURIES! (The pigs. Not the chimps, although I know there are some cultures that do consume chimpanzee meat.)

Could this be why mankind is so royally screwed up? To hell with inbreeding, we've been ineating our way to disease, genetic disorders, etc. - all because bacon (our possible kinfolk) tastes so darned good.

I'll never look at a pork chop the same way again. Please tell me this theory troubles someone else, too.

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