Friday, December 27, 2013

Year-End List (Yeah, It's a Little Early)

For my 2012 summary I presented a list of the best novels I had read that year (I also included my youngest son's choices).

For 2013, I'm not going to do that. Why?

Queue the ominous music. I read very little fiction in 2013*, but I have a good reason: I spent the time I would be reading novels working on my own. You see, I believe that if I allow other writers' voices/stories/plot points/nifty ideas into my head it will taint what little creative mojo I have. This theory is based on past experience and has cratered my stories before.

I did, however, read a lot of non-fiction both for research and enjoyment. For whatever reason, non-fic does not have the same muse-cancelling effect on me.

Just because I read very little fiction in 2013 does not mean I stopped buying novels. I fear I have an addiction when it comes to that. My bookshelf groans from the weight of unread novels (many of which I acquired at WorldCon). Just yesterday, I bought two more simply because I received a B&N gift card for Christmas and it burned my pocket to be spent (I always use gift cards fast so I don't forget about them).

Since I'm not compiling a list of books I enjoyed in 2013 I'll offer a different type of summary in descending order:
  • Forty-seven: the number of times I attended the DFW Writers' Workshop. (I'm a firm believer in the power of critique groups, so I go as frequently as I can, but my day job gets in the way sometimes.)
  • Sixteen: the number of rejections I received (Hey, you can't sell if you don't submit).
  • Seven: the number of days a week that I commit to writing. My goal is words on the page each day, but editing is also counted as productive time.
  • Three: the number of people I personally know who secured agent representation.
  • Three: a three-book deal for a friend who has already written six novels in the same romantic suspense series.
  • Two: the number of acceptances I received (both for short stories).
  • Two: the number of SF&F conventions I attended (WorldCon & FenCon).
  • One: friend whose debut novel was traditionally published.
  • One: friend who sold her first novel.
  • Infinite: the fun I've had world-building my medieval steampunk novel (I had no idea that drawing maps could be so time consuming and enjoyable).
All in all, 2013 was an okay year for me. I'd be interested to know how it turned out for others.

*My son discovered video games in 2013 and also read very little fiction. 

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