Friday, December 14, 2012

2013 Writers' Conferences Around Texas

Here's a list of writers' conferences in and around Texas for 2013. I'm not promoting any of these events, just offering what I hope is a helpful summary.

March 1 - 2            North Louisana Storytellers & Authors of Romance

April 5 - 6               Houston Writers Guild

April 26 - 27           Northeast Texas Writers Organization

May 2 - 4               Oklahoma Writers' Federation Inc.

May 4 - 5               DFW Writers' Conference

June 10 - 14          West Texas A&M Writers' Academy

June 21 - 23          Writers' League of Texas

July 12 - 14           LexiCon

July 14 - 21           Taos (New Mexico) Summer Writers' Conference

Aug 29 - Sept 2     World Science Fiction Convention

Oct 4 - 6                FenCon

How did I compile this list? Google.

Did I miss some events? Probably, but not intentionally.

What were my criteria? The webpage had to mention 2013 dates, even if there weren't a lot of details. For example, there's a conference in Arkansas, but it didn't have any 2013 info.

Have I personally attended all of these events? Nope.

Have I attended some of them? Yep. I went to the Writers' League conference once. I've gone to the DFW Writers' Conference four times (but honesty-in-blogging I'm a member of the DFW Writers' Workshop, so I get a nice discount); and I've attended FenCon four times.

Are all of these conferences? Nope. I included West Texas A&M because I've heard it's money well spent; World Science Fiction because I'm excited to be going, and FenCon because they offer the best danged writers' workshop I've ever attended.

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