Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sigh. Almost resolution (uh, goal) time again

One of my 2012 goals (I don't make resolutions) was to buy fewer books. I already had too many unread ones piled on my nightstand, because a) I'm a slow reader, b) my day job doesn't allow me a lot time to read, and c) I'm a slow reader. I was determined to read the books I already owned before I bought any new ones.

You've already figured out the twist, haven't you? I failed. Not just a little, but BIG TIME. I estimate I bought more books in 2012 than I did in 2011. My poor nightstand couldn't support all of them, so I started a new pile on my dresser (had to get rid of some pictures of my kids to make space - bad father).

I'm thankful books don't
grow on trees, or I'd never
read all of them.
At least I was an equal opportunity spender. I bought some at yard sales, at used bookstores, at Dollar Tree (actually a great place to get nice books for only $1 each), online, the big chain stores, and independent booksellers. It was my way of helping the economy. 

However, it leaves me with a dilemma. I still have too many books and I'm still a slow reader. I actually read all throughout the day (when I take a break at work, potty time, before bed each night), but it takes me weeks to finish an average-sized novel. I've tried speed reading, but my brain doesn't absorb well enough to do that. I've tried reading just the dialogue, but often get lost. Steady and slow is how I read, and it's not a fast process.

Now that I've dedicated more time to writing my own fiction it means - oh, golly! - I have less time to read. You would think that would make me stop buying ever more tomes, but the books keep multiplying. I'd like to blame them for being like rabbits, but I know who the real culprit is. 

I love books. Physical, enjoy-the-feel-of-paper books. I guess there are worse habits to have.*

What about you? Do you have endless piles of books stacked around your house, or are you more restrained?  Maybe I need an intervention.

*The books that I read in the course of a year are donated to my local library for their annual book sale (which I attend and buy more books - but never my donated ones back - I have more self-control than that).

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